The Unexpected Journey

A path through the woods 8

Off on a New Adventure!

Hello, everyone! Brief Update It has been forever since I last posted anything.  Before I dive into this brief post, I just wanted to give all y’all an update on what has happened in... 4

52 Red Queens and I Say, “You’re Free!”

I love watching classic, older movies. There’s just something about the storytelling and the dialogue that I just really enjoy.  Hands down, my favorite movie that I’ve watched recently is 12 Angry Men (Expect a... 6

Back After Much Ado!

Hey everyone! I’m back! I’m sorry for the unintended break, but nursing school was crazier than I ever expected it would be. It was by the far the most difficult semester, but weirdly enough,... 12

How Do You Perceive the Lord?

How do you perceive the Lord?  Who do you know Him as? Is it as a warrior?  Is He peaceful?  What about loving? Usually, our perception of the Lord, however true (or untrue), is actually a...

You are Worthy! 3

You are Worthy!

Before I start, take a look at this video: This is the attitude that so many Christians have.  Because of things we have done in our past or things we are currently dealing with,... 0

Seeing With the Right Eyes

Most of my friends know this about me.  The vision in my right eye is significantly worse (about 20/200) than in my left one (20/20).  I was born with strabismus, sometimes called a lazy... 0

One Food To Rely On

As I was reading through The Lord of the Rings during my first year in an organic church community, for some reason this book came alive to me in ways that it hadn’t before with... 0

Growth and Life

An incredibly important quote from the writing of T. Austin-Sparks to consider for today: Everything which has to do with the realization of God’s purpose in creating man, and this world, and its universe,... 7

Looking for Church Unity? Look No Further

In the midst an organic church community, I have found the secret to church unity. The funny thing is, no matter where I had been, it was always present. It united me with a... 3

If. . .

I wanted to share my favorite poem with you today.  I first read it while I was in seminary after hearing a portion of the second stanza in a song by one my favorite...

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