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52 Red Queens and I Say, “You’re Free!”

I love watching classic, older movies. There’s just something about the storytelling and the dialogue that I just really enjoy.  Hands down, my favorite movie that I’ve watched recently is 12 Angry Men (Expect a...


Looking for Church Unity? Look No Further

In the midst an organic church community, I have found the secret to church unity. The funny thing is, no matter where I had been, it was always present. It united me with a...


Christ: The Heart of All Things

Today, I wanted to give you a quote to ponder by T. Austin-Sparks, a brother who has had an incredible impact on my life.  His revelation of the Lord has encouraged and challenged me,...


Psalm 23 and Seeing Scripture in a Different Way

In my time here in an organic church community, some of the most practical things I have learned are different ways to spend time with the Lord.  Over the course of my schooling, I...


The Unexpected Journey from Seminary to Organic Church

“This is the story of how a Baggins had an adventure, and found himself doing and saying things altogether unexpected.  He may have lost his neighbours’ respect, but he gained—well, you will see whether...

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