Life in the Valley of the Shadow of Death

Picture of a valley shrouded in fog

 Being in the Valley

The valley of the shadow of death (or the valley of deep darkness in some translations) is never a place I imagined I would ever be living.

That is the only way to describe where I am at right now.  The continual presence of my dad’s illness is always here.  There is always a fresh reminder of what he is dealing with whenever a medication needs to be increased or a hospice nurse comes to visit.

When I first moved back, this became my whole world.  It consumed my focus and it invaded every inch of me.  It seemed impossible to look beyond.  With chemotherapy treatments, the aftermath of those treatments, and the increasing pain, there was no end to the discouragement.

Psalm 23

In the midst of this darkness and circumstances beyond my control, the Lord began reminding me that I can rest in Him and trust Him completely.  In this place, Psalm 23 is being practically worked out as the Lord shows me who He is.

I am truly discovering how much He is a loving and good shepherd.  I need only turn to Him to find all I need, that I have nowhere else to look or turn.  He is enough.

He is the quiet waters that He leads me along and he is the grassy pasture that He calls me to rest in.

He is restoring my soul, transforming my mind perspective of how I look at my situation.

Though I may be in the valley of the shadow of death, He is continually supplying all that I need through His Life and His Spirit is gently guiding me through this seemingly unending place.  Though it may seem that way, I have no need to fear any evil, for I am in Christ and seated with Him in heavenly places.  He continually guides, rescues, and protects me.

He has invited me to a feast, which is Himself, in the midst of all this darkness and all that might overwhelm me.  He pours Himself out so richly that He is overflowing, beyond all I could imagine.

I have found my true home in Him, a place I can dwell and abide continually.

The road ahead

The journey ahead will offer plenty of opportunities to give into fear and despair.  However, I have His indwelling resurrected life within and that victory over sin and death is complete and total.

Abiding in Him and depending on Him, all this valley can really do is reveal more of Christ and show more and more how sufficient He really is.


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  1. Tobias Valdez says:

    Beautifully expressed brother! May we all continue to abide in Him throughout our days. May the peace of Christ fill your home and rest upon your family there brother. You are missed greatly, and loved even more.

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