Psalm 23 and Seeing Scripture in a Different Way

In my time here in an organic church community, some of the most practical things I have learned are different ways to spend time with the Lord.  Over the course of my schooling, I had taken several spiritual formation classes and had learned a number of spiritual practices and disciplines. Some of them, like fasting and Lectio Divina, I still occasionally do. However, the different ways I have learned to spend time with the Lord with the saints here have had a much greater impact on me.  Many of the practices I had done before seemed to be all about doing or not doing something in order to draw closer to the Lord.  Coming to the realization that Jesus Christ actually lives inside me, I know that I don’t need to do things to draw closer to the Lord.  Any spiritual practice I do is simple to spend time with and get to know the Person who dwells inside me more. One practice I have learned here is rewriting Scripture as a way to spend time with the Lord and to recognize how I have come to know Him more.  There are many ways to do this, but I will demonstrate one of them for you here.  I will take Psalm 23 and rewrite it essentially as my prayer to the Lord.  This practice can be done with many of the Psalms and many other passages in Scripture, like Romans 8 or Philippians 3. I would highly encourage you to try this with any passage you feel led to.  It is a precious way to spend time with the Lord and to know Him more.

Psalm 23* Jesus Christ, you are my good shepherd who guides me graciously and patiently.  I will never want for anything.  You will supply everything that I will ever need, in the right moment.  You continually lead me to where I may learn to rest in you and eat of you. I walk beside the still waters that remind me of your peace that you have given me.  You continually renew and refresh me with your constant presence.  You show me how to live by your righteousness so that you will be expressed on this earth. No matter where you lead me, I can trust in you.  Even though I may be brought to the brink of death, nothing can ever harm me because you are with me and dwell within me.  Your continual protection and guidance always brings me comfort. You are my great feast that I have been given out of your abundance.  I can continually partake of you, no matter what threatens or seeks to destroy me.  You abundantly pour yourself over me and fill me to overflowing.  Your goodness and mercy are always with me because you dwell within me.  As you dwell in me, I will dwell within you for all the days of my life.

This is how I know the Lord at this moment, basing it off of the psalmist’s words.  Try this and see how the Lord reveals Himself to you.  This is unusual compared to the way we have often been taught to approach Scripture, but trust me, there are so many things that the Lord wants to show us and remind us of through a certain passage.  You may experience His life in ways you never have before.

*This is not intended to be a different version or translation. This is simply for personal edification.

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