Seeing With the Right Eyes

Most of my friends know this about me.  The vision in my right eye is significantly worse (about 20/200) than in my left one (20/20).  I was born with strabismus, sometimes called a lazy eye, which led to poor vision in my right eye.  I had several surgeries to correct the eye muscles, but my vision has never improved in my right eye.  Uncorrected, I can only really see something clearly a foot away.  On the other hand, the sight in my left eye is essentially perfect.

Whenever I don’t wear my contacts, it is somewhat difficult for my eyes to focus.  My right eye has gotten stronger due to my contacts, even though it is in fact weaker.  It tries to dominate my left eye to be the one that I primarily try to see out of.  If I don’t have my contacts, my eyes are essentially in competition to be the dominant for me to see the world out of.

The other day I did decide to leave my contacts out to give my eyes a break.  While I was doing this, I had a revelation from the Lord about my vision.

This is a picture of our reality as Christians.  We are a people who see and are in two places at the same time.  We live here on the earth and yet we are also in the heavenly realms, seated with our Lord!

These two realm are completely opposed to each each other.  The earthly realm is the one we are physically born into, so it is easier to allow this to dominate our vision.  Everyday life and all the worldly events can bring our focus away from our heavenly reality in Christ.

The heavenly reality is the one we have been brought into through Jesus Christ.  Our reality now is unseen, but it is more real than what is around us.  Things that seem utterly foolish through early vision are in fact glorious when seen through heavenly vision.

Everyday is a battle to see the world through the proper vision.  It is up to us to intentionally choose to live out of the Lord’s life and to see the world from a different perspective, a heavenly perspective!

We have to entrust ourselves to the Lord and perceive the world through His eyes, not our own.  When we do, no matter what happens in our lives or around us, we can learn to see the spiritual realities of what the Lord is doing currently.

Throw yourself on the Lord and ask to perceive the world through His eyes!

Look to the things above rather than what is below!

Learn to view the world through Jesus’ eyes!

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